Back to Basics

We thought we would keep Shop Talk short this month as we know you are all gearing up for the start of a great summer. Below we have highlighted some concepts that we have seen recently that have taken a basic, tried-and-true product and given it a new twist. These retailers doing exciting things in their stores and having fun in the process — all around traditional, simple and somewhat “boring” products/services. We hope you can find some inspiration in their unique approaches and think about ways that you can implement new ideas to more reinvigorate aspects of your businesses.

1. The Roasting Plant
The Roasting Plant

At this local coffee house, coffee beans are roasted, ground and then fresh brewed the moment you place your order using innovative and modern technology in-store. The Roasting Plant’s unique equipment design allows you to see your beans transform into an amazingly fresh cup of delicious coffee right before your eyes, made start-to-finish individually for you.

2. Kim & Scott’s Cafe Twist
Kim & Scott's Cafe Twist

What do you get when you take a large soft pretzel, slice it in half and build a sandwich on it? A delicious pretzel sandwich of course. Kim & Scott’s also offers a twist-your-own pretzel option, which you can then decorate yourself for a custom experience (which you know we at Retail Concepts always love).

3. The Dry Bar
The Dry Bar

Dry Bar focuses on what it does: best-blow dries only. No hair cuts or color here. Choose from 5 signature blow-out styles and make an appointment next time you are getting ready to go for a night on the town (and as a bonus, sip champagne at the “bar” while you primp)

4. The Homemade Pizza Co.
The Homemade Pizza Co

Choose your own fresh, all natural, ingredients to make your pizza your way. Then take it home and cook it fresh from your own kitchen (and don’t forget to pick up a make-at-home cookie for dessert). Home cooking has never been so easy (or delicious!)

5. Fleisher’s Butcher Shop
Fleisher's Butcher Shop

Fleisher’s is not your typical butcher shop. All of its meats are grass-fed and organic and come from local, sustainable farms that raise their animals humanely. Everything Fleisher’s does is focused on this brand promise and it even boasts converting strict vegetarians by giving them a chance to eat meat that fits their ethical views!

And a few more that we are worth checking out include Shake Shack with has created a cult like following for their burgers and frozen custard and Max Brenner which takes chocolate to a whole new level in their restaurant.

So no matter what it is you are selling, take a look and see how you can infuse it with some new ideas and subtle changes to make it special and unique to your store.