Bring On The Change

Ideas For Rebranding Your Business

When you look out your store windows, what do you see? No, we are not referring to the fact that maybe your window needs to be cleaned. Is it the same old scene out there each day? If so, then shake it up! Sometimes business rebranding takes you out of your comfort zone but also helps you to step up your game a bit.

It is really easy to get stuck in a pattern of doing things a certain way. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? The key question is: can it work better?

Sometimes all you need is a little push to do things in a different way. Perhaps the impetus is a decrease in sales, losing a lease, or a new competitor on the scene. Or, maybe you’re just bored! All are excellent reasons to consider a business rebranding.

When we talk business rebranding, it could be a small change like adjusting the flow of the store by moving some of the fixtures. Or it could be BIG like updating your logo and a complete store redesign.

Here are examples of some changes that retailers are making to shake things up and test new ideas. We realize that these may be a little pie in the sky (or coffee in the cart) but we hope they get your brain spinning a little about what you can try in your store.

Why have a push cart or a food truck when you can have a bike cart? The green alternative to ensuring you are caffeinated.

Bike cart can’t get to where you need to be fast enough? Then try the line-free Starbucks. All caffeine, no line.

Do you offer a service that can be packaged differently? Take this 80-year-old cobbler shop, add a little technology and a cool package, and it is a whole new take on the same old business.

Take a look at your packaging. Does it meet all the needs of your target customer? This one thought through the juggling of food and coffee.

Or we find adding a branded handle to anything makes it better. Plus keeps things upright.

All this talk of coffee seems to have us energized. Which means we are here to discuss any ideas you have to change your store.