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<strong>Mini</strong>-Consult Mini-Consult Inventory Management

Got some sort of vague business idea? Are you about to open a store or simply want some unbiased input on a store concept? No matter the stage of your business, this initial consultation can be the jump-start for targeting the right resources for right now.

What we do

We’ll meet with you for one hour at your convenience, in person or by phone, face-time or Skype — depending on location and preference. We’ll review your business (or idea) in order to provide initial input, answer any questions you may have about your concept, and how our consulting services can help.

What you get

  • A written recap of our recommendations for your business
  • A list of suggested next steps—which may or may not include our consulting services. (Hey, we can admit it, not everyone needs our help!)
  • Advice backed by our retail experience and the potential to continue working together if the fit is right.

What you pay



Let’s go! Give us a shout to with any questions!


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