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Nearly every business wants the same thing: to grow. And that’s why we focus on growth strategy: expansion when it is the next logical step to a retailer’s concept.

What we do

We take a “deep-dive” approach to fine-tuning your business’s growth strategy and develop specific retail concepts to help you gain competitive advantage within the retail marketplace. 

What you get

You walk away with a detailed strategic plan that serves as a blueprint for taking your retail concept to the next level and positioning you for future success. Areas addressed in the plan include:

  • Brand growth opportunities
  • Reinforcement of competitive advantage
  • Branding & identity strategy and concepts
  • Target customer alignment initiatives
  • Retail merchandising opportunities
  • Integration of marketing into retail layout & design

When applicable, costs and more detailed time estimates related to specific growth strategies would be provided.

What you pay

Prices typically start at $10,500 and go upwards from there depending on store size, number of locations and services provided.

how to start

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