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Want to drive traffic and turn sales? Having an effective retail marketing strategy to drive traffic to your store or website can help you achieve retail success.

What we do

We believe retail marketing strategies should be approached holistically: every contact with your customer should be viewed as a marketing opportunity. We will develop a tactical plan to help your retail business reach the right target with an easy to understand and consistent message. This plan would include:

  • Developing a competitive retail marketing review
  • Targeting customer behaviors
  • Integrating marketing into retail layout and design
  • Branding and identity strategy

What you get

After working together to flesh out all of the components of the plan, you will receive a detailed written report outlining the strategic recommendations based on the areas detailed above.

What you pay

One figure does not fit all for this service. Options can range from a snapshot tactical retail strategy to a full positioning, branding and marketing plan. Prices typically can range from $7,500 to $15,000, depending on scope and services provided.

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