Startup <strong>Planning</strong> Startup Planning Inventory Management

Starting a new retail venture is complicated (not to mention overwhelming). This comprehensive startup planning package is designed to work with you though the process of starting a business. We will provide valuable guidance to take you from initial planning through launch day.

What we do

We develop a detailed roadmap for bringing your idea to market, and teach you everything you need to know about how to launch and run the business. Depending on the type of concept and where you are in development, this includes anything from a full business plan, helping you find the right space or format for launch (online, mobile, etc.), teaching you about merchandising and buying, coaching you on tradeshow strategies and vendor negotiations, developing a marketing strategy, merchandising layout & strategies and providing you with process, operations and infrastructure guidance.

What you get

  • A to Z support through every step of the startup planning process to get you to launch—from a comprehensive business plan to brand development and inventory strategy.
  • The RC team at your fingertips to help you through every step of the process to teach and guide you as you develop and launch the concept 

What you pay

It depends! And, no, we’re not avoiding the question. It truly varies based on your business idea.


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