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Tradeshows can be exhausting and overwhelming. Let us walk you through (figuratively or literally) how to make the most of your time at a show and walk out with the best options for your store.

What we do

Let us be your tradeshow coach as we teach you the ins and outs of buying inventory and products at a retail tradeshow. As part of the coaching, we will work with you to develop a pre-show planning approach, a tactical strategy to use while at the show, and how to organize your tradeshow learnings once you are home.

What you get

  • In-person or phone conference tutorials, with practice exercises and follow-up assignments throughout the coaching process
  • We will also provide you with a detailed summary report to serve as a tradeshow guide.
  • If desired, a Retail Concepts team member can accompany you as an on-site consultant (for an additional fee). 

What you pay



Let’s go! Give us a shout to with any questions!