Every Little Thing Matters

This month we wanted to share some quick and low-budget ideas on how to make improvements in your store. Some of these suggestions may appear to be small and seemingly insignificant updates, but you would be surprised what a difference they can make for your customers and your business.

Cluttered Checkout

Messy Checkout

Is this what you want your customers to see when they are ready to spend money?? Of course not! You want them to have a comfortable place to put down their items and find their money, while creating a positive lasting impression with which they will leave your store. Now, the store featured in this picture could be worse, it could have unfriendly postings about return policies, flyers from local venues, requests for donations, paper clips, and pens as well as *GASP*, an empty Tupperware container from today’s lunch. We know you don’t have any of those things in your checkout area, right?

Filthy Bathrooms

Filthy Bathroom

Unfortunately we know from having to do it ourselves that being in charge of cleaning the bathroom is not the most coveted responsibility…however, someone has to do it. You don’t want your customers to be so disgusted with your facilities that they walk out of the door. And how hard is it to ensure that you have a clean and sanitary place for them to use? While you’re at it, have a little fun and inject some branding and personality into your bathroom. After all, you do have a captive audience.

Handwritten Signage

Handwriting on the Carrots

We see you on email, twitter and facebook. That leaves us to believe you have a computer. Most likely you also have a printer. If you don’t, it is worth the investment. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your in-store communications look professional to give you some credibility with your customers. If you can afford to invest in a graphic designer, creating some signage templates for your store is well worth the cost. If a graphic designer is not feasible, signage that includes your logo, is visually clean and simple, and is printed without typos or cross-outs in marker will work wonders by grabbing customers’ attention and conveying the messaging that you want to communicate.

Thoughtful Branding

 We’ll leave you with a good image. Be thoughtful about every aspect of your store. Everything you do reflects on your store’s personality so don’t leave things to chance. Even things like the color of your disposable spoons should match the rest of your store branding — after all, they are a brand touchpoint. This connects everything for your customers, gives all elements of your store purpose and creates a consistent brand experience that gives you credibility in the marketplace.