Retail on the Go

This month we wanted to talk a bit about retail on the go. No, we don’t mean using your phone to buy things…we are talking about retailers who literally are moving places. Food trucks, mobile salons, retail that comes to your door.

Here are some of our favorite concepts that we have seen lately:

Mobile Grocers

There are a lot of grocery delivery services. But one we particularly like is Mogro — it’s like a farmer’s market on the move. This is a mobile grocery with a temperature-controlled truck that delivers groceries to communities that don’t always have fresh foods readily available to residents.

Mobile Pet Groomers

There are a lot of them. They all drive around in really cute trucks and come right to your home. No need to bring Fido somewhere he is likely to jump on someone or maul another dog. Let them come direct you. And better yet, they then keep the mess in the truck and outside your house.


Parties and events are the latest place trucks are seen lining up. A cheaper and unique option, many people are having non-traditional catering at their events. What could be more fun that having a truck pull-up at your big event? And a great way for some additional revenue for these businesses.

Every Bride Expects a Lovely Food Truck

Rotating Retail

While this isn’t exactly mobile, it is flexible. We love this concept that makes the best use of it’s space by featuring different retail options that rotate through. Planeshop is a permanent location with different retailers “popping-in” so there is always something fresh and new to shop while you are in the airport.

Some we haven’t seen but would like to…

Custom Tailoring

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if a custom tailoring truck could pull up outside your office, measure you, show you styles and fabrics, and then several days later drive back over for you to try on your new suits or clothing? You could make an appointment for them to come to your office location or stop you could just stop in at one of their trucks scheduled locations/appearances. We think a concept like this would do great in many downtown financial or corporate districts across the country.

Manis and Pedis

You have 30 minutes to run out in the middle of the day. You desperately need a manicure. You don’t have time to walk to the local salon and get back to office. Then like a dream you see a mobile spa driving by your office right now! Hop in and have that manicure and be back at work in a flash and looking your best.

We would love to hear about great mobile concepts you have seen…or want to see. Write in comments below about any mobile concepts you love or some products or services that you would like to see “go mobile”.