Our Case Studies

Apt. 202 Boutique

We developed a budgeting strategy just as forward as the fashion offering.

A contemporary women’s boutique in the heart of Salt Lake City, Apt 202 brings a curated and fashion-forward assortment to customers, using a personalized approach to styling and customer service.

Our role in a nutshell:

We created a strategic merchandise budget in order to allow the owner to move away from making purchasing decisions based on gut and last year’s budget, and towards using key performance indicators such as merchandise classifications and forward looking industry trends to base her plans on.

The not-so-secret recipe:

We analyzed Apt 202’s current merchandise classification structure and recommended ways to streamline its categorization and analysis process. Working with the owner, we developed optimal inventory levels by month, and developed sales forecasts for the key areas of her business. We showed ways to flow in goods more strategically and in more productive quantities, allowing the store do more volume on less inventory.

We’re proud to report:

  • 5% annual sales increase with a 10% reduction in inventory
  • Doubled sales volume for key anniversary events based on adjustments to the positioning angle and promotional strategy

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