Our Case Studies

Poder Comercial

Hello? Hello! We provided pre-expansion clarity to this international cellular provider.

Poder Comercial is a major player in Mexico’s cellular provider market

Our role in a nutshell:

Our international assignment was to work with the CEO to help evaluate whether an enhanced retail presence made sense for the brand, and if so, what considerations should be made to ensure brand strength and maintain competitive advantage.

The not-so-secret recipe:

Consulting virtually with this international client via conference calls and email, we conducted a strategic evaluation to provide insight into how to best roll-out an expanded brick and mortar strategy that would be beneficial for both the consumer and the internal sales team. At the same time, we advised the client on how to best position the company for long-term sustainable growth. Through this assessment, we evaluated key areas of the business and the impact an expanded retail strategy would have on brand equity, retail locations, sales team recruiting and retention dynamics, as well as the financials of the business

As part of our approach, we highlighted the strengths, weaknesses and related opportunities associated with the brick and mortar roll-out plan and identified areas to the management team that could be leveraged in an effort to strengthen the brand and increase competitive advantage. The project also provided the team with important considerations that needed to be more-fully vetted internally before the company could confidently move forward with creating a larger retail footprint.

We’re proud to report:

  • Unified internal focus regarding next steps before moving forward with the roll-out
  • Provided clarity with regards to the resources needed for growth in this new format

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