Our Case Studies

South Shore Hospital

We gave a caring hand to two feel-better, non-profit stores.

South Shore Hospital operates two charitable gifts shops on its Weymouth Campus.

Our role in a nutshell:

The stores needed branding that would help customers better understand the differences between the two shops and to more clearly see and understand the offerings and benefits of each.

The not-so-secret recipe:

Retail Concepts worked with the stores’ director and the hospital marketing director to help to rebrand the shops. It was a challenging and unique assignment since we had to bring traditional retail tactics into a volunteer and non-profit setting, while trying to help the stores compete with the best gifts shops of all types and in all environments. At the same time we had to keep the stores compatible with the hospital and its graphics and marketing materials.

As a “non-profit” there were other legal and ethical restrictions and parameters that are not normally present in retail projects of this nature. We had to exercise great care and really needed to understand the make-up of the hospital shop customer, as well as the mostly volunteer staff. We worked with our graphic and store design partner to create new logos, in-store signage, and also advised on shop renovations and merchandising changes.

We’re proud to report:

  • Sales increased through difficult economic times
  • Customers report a more clear understanding of the two shops and their different offerings.
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