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Treat Cupcake Bar

We made the delicious idea of a cupcake bar (yum!) even sweeter.

A unique interactive cupcake store concept, Treat Cupcake Bar lets customers design their own cupcakes from scratch. From flavor to frosting to goodies to mix-ins, people can create personalized cupcake masterpieces!

Our role in a nutshell:

We developed a concept that would succeed based on the owner’s personal goals as well as the geographic area he wanted to open a business. Once a concept was determined, we worked with the owner through all stages of building a new start-up and opening his store!

The not-so-secret recipe:

In order to create a concept that would succeed, Retail Concepts needed to create a model that would disrupt the industry. This was done by taking a simple idea of cupcakes and adding a make-your-own interactive element that targeted kids as opposed to adults (which most bakeries are geared towards). Treat was built to make the customizing experience just as fun as the treat itself.

Built to evolve and stay relevant, The Treat concept was designed to remain popular long after the cupcake fad died down by being strategic about name, brand look and feel, as well as target customer approach.

We’re proud to report:

  • 3 high-volume stores, with margins above industry due to the make-your-own cupcake element
  • Product evolution into cakes, cake pops, make-your-own desserts and other “treats”
  • While others have come and gone, Treat is one of the last Boston-based cupcake shops standing strong
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