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An iconic seafood restaurant wanted help creating an on-site store as delicious as its fried clams.

Woodman’s a famous seafood restaurant in Essex, Massachusetts, is renowned for its award-winning cuisine and the invention of the fried clam 85 years ago by Lawrence “Chubby” Woodman.

Our role in a nutshell:

First we assessed the viability of a new retail store that would operate in conjunction with this seafood “in the rough” restaurant. Our team then created the store’s business plan. We also went from plan to successful opening. Along the way, the shop was designed to enhance and brand the Woodman’s dining experience as well as to create significant additional revenue.

The not-so-secret recipe:

After taking into account the restaurant’s level of business, current brand positioning and history, our retail consultants developed a cost/benefit analysis to measure the viability and strategy for a Woodman’s gift shop. In order to continue to portray Woodman’s light-hearted vacation-destination feel, Retail Concepts designed and supervised the construction of a free-standing building to look like a “summer clam shack”.

Through the use of custom fixtures, signage, merchandise, and graphics, customers were enticed to explore and shop within the gift store. Also, a painted map of the North Shore was created that began on the exterior and led right up to the cash register.

The store includes an eclectic assortment of products that convey the same historical, summertime, family feel of the restaurant. This merchandise was of special interest as the Retail Concepts team worked to develop merchandise that truly captured the Woodman’s dining experience, including work from area artisans, custom shirts, Frisbees, hats, beach towels, and food products with custom designed Woodman’s related features. All packaging, hangtags, tickets, and graphics were coordinated with the merchandise to bring the entire vision together.

We’re proud to report:

  • Our guidance helped bring The Shop at Woodman’s project to life through the successful conceptualization, design and retail merchandising.
  • Sales volume at the shop has exceeded its owners’ expectations and continues to serve as a great marketing tool for the restaurant.
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