Shop Talk Award Winners

Celebrating Retailers That Are Doing It Right

We would like to thank all of you who participated in this year’s Shop Talk Awards! Without you and your awesome nominations, we wouldn’t be able to do cool things like this, so…THANKS!

Before we do the “big reveal”, let us remind you what the Shop Talk Awards are all about. Every year, around the time you start making (and breaking?) your New Year’s resolutions, our resolution each year is to find and highlight retailers that are doing unique and innovative things with their brand. We accept all nominations and throw a couple in ourselves for good measure.

The winners of this year’s awards were determined by the number of “likes” and “repins” they received on Pinterest. The winner of each category received a FREE mini-consult with us!

Our categories for the 2013 Shop Talk Awards were as follows:

All nominations can be found by clicking through to the respective Pinterest boards.

Did you think of a good example a little too late? Not a problem- feel free to email us your “entry” and we will post it to one of our other boards.

The Winners

Best Retail Signage

This was a tough category because you know how important we think it is to have clear, concise and well branded signage.

Madewell took home gold in this category because of its well branded and easy to understand signage. The information is all readily available and they take specific care to position signage well for those days you don’t feel like interacting with staff. Shopping on your own terms is made easy at Madewell.

Best Use of Small Space

Winning in a small retail space is no easy feat, but hometown favorite, Truly Yogurt makes it look easy. Since 1992, the Goldman family has been serving up delicious, homemade yogurts and delectable customer service making it a destination spot for just about any occasion. The “flavor of the day” has a cult like following, so much so that much of its social media is dedicated to informing customers of what treats are coming their way. Congrats, truly, for doing such sweet things in a small space!

Best Use of Social Media

This next entry blew the competition out of the water on the last day of voting and it could have only been for one reason: incredible social media skills. Whipped Bake Shop’s social media is creative, interactive, seasonal (where appropriate) and always on brand. To say we are impressed is an understatement especially when you read through their posts and realize that they respond to EVERY customer post thoughtfully and in a timely fashion. Well done, you have whipped us into a social media frenzy.

Mobile Retail

During the past year, we saw big changes in mobile trends. We asked you who you thought was doing it best? And you answered: Roxy’s Grilled Cheese . Roxy’s paved the way for food trucks in Boston (and beyond) and is doing incredible things both inside and outside of the truck. Its social media is top notch, it has the coolest food truck staff around (hello, personalities), and have you tried the ooey, gooey, delicious, grilled cheeses buttered to perfection? You have the competition grilled!

Well, that’s all friends and followers. Thank you again for your participation in the 2013 Shop Talk Awards! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to talk about what you can do to switch around in-store signage, change up your social media routine, or maybe even open up a store in a small (or mobile!) space. We look forward to hearing from you and congratulations again to this year’s winners.