Shop Talk Awards 2013

It’s hard to believe just a couple days ago we rang in 2013! So in addition to wanting to wish each of you a happy and healthy New Year, we wanted to acknowledge some really awesome retailers we have seen over the last year.

As some of you may recall, every year around this time we host the Retail Concepts Shop Talk Awards…so sit tight, the games are about to begin. For those newbies out there, don’t worry, we will explain everything especially as we have changed up the format this year.

Here’s how our 3rd annual Shop Talk Awards will work:

We have 4 boards set up on Pinterest representing the categories for this year’s awards. You can enter in any of the categories, or multiple categories with an image from a store you think is great or your own store. The categories are:

  1. Best Retail Signage
  2. Best Use of Small Space
  3. Best Use of Social Media
  4. Best Use of Mobile Retail


  • Pin your entry directly to any of these Retail Concepts Pinterest boards by tagging #RetailConcepts in your pins description. We will repin your entry from there!


  • Email your entry, including 1-2 sentences on what makes it “best in show” in one of the categories above and we will post it for you.


  • Like pins that already exist on the board! The Shop Talk winner will be the retailer with the most “likes” on Pinterest!(need to join Pinterest?)


  • Tell your family and friends to “like” your entries.

Remember, we are looking for innovative and fresh concepts that really understand what they’re doing!

Now, you could be thinking “Why should I bother sending you my nominations?


Next month’s newsletter will feature the winners from each category above and tell everyone about what makes these stores so great. We look at it this as an opportunity for our newsletter readers to be introduced to some new concepts and ideas from other great retailers.

You may be saying to yourself — “Well, I think my own store is the best!” So go ahead, nominate yourself, have your friends nominate you, and maybe everyone will get the chance to read about you in the next newsletter! Want an even better reason to get involved?

The winner in each category will receive a free Mini-Consult with Retail Concepts!

So go ahead, get out there and pin, like and share your nominations!