Spring Cleaning Special

Let Us Help Spring Clean Your Business

This winter has been…well…tough. And with spring hopefully just around the bend, Retail Concepts wants to help spring clean your business, and here’s how.

For the month of March, Retail Concepts will be offering a Spring Cleaning Package. The Spring Cleaning Package will be made up of three sessions at a super discounted rate. As much as we want the sun to start shining, what we really want is you to pick-up where you left off after holiday…on a high note.

spring clean business

What is it?

The Spring Cleaning Package is made up of three sessions:

1. Inventory Assessment:
Take a step back and let’s look at your numbers (inventory on-hand, sales, markdowns, cash-flow, etc.) TOGETHER. Key word, together. During our inventory assessment will identify any key opportunities, challenges, address any cash-flow issues and leave you feeling like you just left a numbers SPA. (Ok, that’s our goal at least…)

2. Inside-Out Marketing Assessment:
Are you thinking about your store as your biggest marketing tool? What small tweaks can you make in-store that would make a big difference to your consumer? By taking a step back and looking at your store holistically with a marketing assessment, Retail Concepts will provide impartial insight into the current dynamics of your brand, highlighting opportunities that can be capitalized on quickly and efficiently. We’re talking low cost and no cost solutions.

3. Holiday 2015 Planning:
We know…you just put away the Christmas decorations, but many of your vendors are already accepting Holiday 2015 orders, and we want you to have a plan in place that fits with both your brand and your budget. Retail Concepts will take a partnership approach to come up with a Holiday 2015 plan that makes sense for your store.

How does it work?

        • Retail Concepts will meet virtually (or in person, if nearby) for each of the three sessions.
        • Some work will need to be done on both ends to get ready for the meetings (i.e. pulling and analyzing reports in POS, taking some pictures around the store, etc.) but for each session, you will get Retail Concepts undivided attention for 2-hours… plus a written recap. (And our written recaps are pretty fab, if you’ve never experienced them.)
        • Sign-up NOW. This is a limited offer for March and the schedule will fill-up.

What does it cost?

      • One session is $750, or get all 3 for $1,500!
      • Call 781-871-7905 or email to schedule a time for your store!