What Do I Want?

Keys to Building a Successful Brand

Many clients have amazing ideas for new businesses and products. Just because they are A-MAZ-ING, doesn’t mean that they will succeed. While on the surface, it may seem like a no-brainer that if you come up with something great to sell, and you market it…people will automatically search for it and then buy it. In real life, building a successful brand is much more labor intensive.

Think back to when Apple first launched the iPhone in 2007. People didn’t know that the iPhone was what they wanted and needed, for the most part they didn’t even know what *it* was! Fast forward to today and most people cannot imagine life without their smart phone. Apple made the market for these items. How did it do that? How can you do that with your product?

In most cases, the key to building a successful brand isn’t that something similar doesn’t already exist. The reason that products succeed is that they do things differently (“think different” anyone?). Their success is primarily driven by how their products are marketed, packaged, and explained, especially in regard to the needs they fill. In other words, how the whole brand is communicated. And that is the key.

For example, mattresses are clearly not a new idea. For most people they are a frustrating item to buy. While you can order one online or via phone as well as in store, you then need to find a way to have it transported to your home. While you could pay for delivery, you have to be available during that time to meet the delivery people at your home. If you can find a way to fit it in your vehicle (which is not very convenient) you then have to carry it into your home. Enter companies like Casper and Tuft & Needle. They didn’t invent a new product. What they did was find a better way to buy something that existed. And then they packaged it (literally in this case) into an easy to use and purchase item. And then they marketed the heck out of it.

These companies (and others that have popped up like them) created a new way to buy mattresses and have them delivered in a box that could be shipped right to your door. No need to wait around. Check out how the product “unfolds” and shift your expectations of what the mattress buying experience should be.

You could have the most functional and fabulous product in the world but if all those other layers don’t add-up, people are just not going to buy it.

In today’s media-centric world, just putting something out there on a shelf or website is not enough. It is no longer a world of “if I build it, they will come”. They won’t. You need to be pushing it out to people through all of your channels whether that be your store, distribution partners, website, social media, guerrilla marketing events, etc. And that means investing upfront in building that brand both online and offline (regardless of if you are selling it in both venues).

Want to know more about how to do that? Give us a shout, we’re pretty good at this stuff (if we do say so ourselves)!