What Do Your Customers See?

Building Customer Trust

What’s behind curtain #2? This month we continue to explore businesses that are focusing on transparency, building customer trust, and succeeding because of it! 

Retail Concepts is always surprised when business owners don’t allow customers to know what happens in the background or how they make a product they sell. While this holds particularly true in the food industry with health codes and allergy concerns, it is true for all businesses. 
Building Customer Trust

Letting people see beyond the storefront helps in building customer trust in your business. It also engages customers and allows them to feel part of the process instead of isolated from it.

Tony Hsieh of Zappos prides himself on transparency to build customer trust.  So much so that he will tweet out copies of emails that were sent internally. This allows customers to know exactly what is happening behind the scenes and is a first hand view into how the company operates. If you have pride in what you are doing, why shouldn’t you let customers see that?

We have seen lots of companies moving towards creating more transparency lately. SmartLabel technology will allow consumers to find out more about product ingredients, usage and other information via QR codes and apps.

Target has initiatives to develop a “spectrometer” to allow shoppers to see info on where a product came from, the date is was picked or packed and allergy info.

And other companies like Everlane focus on “radical transparency” by detailing product input costs for customers, as well as showing them how/where each product is made (it’s website even features a map which visually pinpoints where products are made). If you click into any area, you can get a full video tour of the facility. And they openly share info about the facilities including when something doesn’t meet their ethical standards and they opt to make changes.
Building Customer Trust - Everlane
And then there is the Roasting Plant in NYC which literally is transparent about how your cup of coffee is made…pick your beans and watch as they shoot through the tube to be roasted, ground and brewed for you personal cup of coffee. Talk about building customer trust…and a great cup of coffee!
Building Customer Trust - Roasting Plant NYC
What have you seen in the marketplace lately? Send us a note to see where we can help you be more transparent with your customers and earn your customers’ trust.